Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning
Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning

Works can be classified as pre-commissioning  and commissioning cleaning. Pre-commissioning  cleaning (Degreasing, Acid Cleaning and Passivation) is required to achieve the process parameters and to have a safe and smooth start-up of the equipment. The equipment which are in the process operations for few years need cleaning due to fouling caused by scale formation or deposits. In such cases a solubility test is required on the scale / deposit sample  to ascertain the correct solvent to remove the pollution. This type of cleaning is referred to as Commissioning cleaning. On both cleaning operations an external pumping unit is required (like circulation temporary pump, mixing tank, heat-exchanger, temporary hoses, transfer pumps, fittings and adopters etc.,)  to facilitate a closed circuit around the process equipment to be cleaned in question. 

The effluents generated during the cleaning operation will be neutralized to acceptable standards and disposed of environmentally friendly. We are one of the hazardous waster transport contractor having Royal Commission Hazardous Waste Transport License. Our Environment Services Division will launch very soon after getting approval from Royal Commission and Saudi Arabian government authorities. ACIC (Tandheef) undertake all kinds of industrial cleaning job including pipelines, vessels, ex-changers etc.,

Methods of Cleaning : 

Circulation Method, Soaking Method, Gamma Jet Cleaning, Yo-Yo Method , Cascading Method, Slug Scraping Method, Disinfection , Boil-Out 

Systems :

Furnace Cleaning, Boil Out, Fuel Gas Line Cleaning, Disinfection, Vessel Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Pickling and  Passivation , Decontamination activities.